Why Doug Ford should fear Steven Del Duca - 2020-02-26

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F94.png Why Doug Ford should fear Steven Del Duca February 26, 2020, Bob Hepburn, Opinion, Toronto Star

It's weird how Doug Ford brags about supposedly stopping "the gravy train at Queen's Park," just like, or so he falsely claims, his late brother Rob did at city hall when he was mayor of Toronto.

It's just as strange — maybe even funny — how Ford boasts of stopping "the wasteful spending and endless scandals" and "mismanagement" seen under the former Liberal government.

It's all so odd because Ford, who kicked off his 2022 re-election last weekend, is running arguably the most incompetent, disorganized, patronage-riddled and wasteful Ontario government in decades. And he's accomplished all that in barely 20 months in office.

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