Why Google Has a Responsibility to Fight Fake News - 2018-01-05

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F0.png Why Google Has a Responsibility to Fight Fake News January 5, 2018, Justin Ling, The Walrus

Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in his hospital room by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI and not, as is commonly accepted, by a gunman dead set against the civil-rights leader's crusade. Israel has plans to annex large swaths of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. The American military is dispersing heavy metals in the skies, giving the public cancer and asthma. And of course, the World Trade Center buildings were not brought down by commercial airliners but by controlled demolition.

Those are all uncontroversial realities for the Centre for Research on Globalization, a Canadian-based conspiracy website run, since 2001, by Michel Chossudovsky, professor emeritus of economics from the University of Ottawa, who is also one of the site's most prolific writers.

Back in 2006, the now defunct Western Standard magazine listed him as one of Canada's "nuttiest professors." A year prior, B'nai Brith Canada filed a complaint against Chossudovsky to the University of Ottawa for the anti-Semitism of some of the Centre for Research on Globalization's online content. (The university did not comment on the complaint, and Chossudovsky distanced himself from some of the content on the site, which he says he did not post and does not condone.)

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