Why Irish (Ex-Scientologist) Eyes are Smiling - 2012-03-17

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F11.png Why Irish (Ex-Scientologist) Eyes are Smiling March 17, 2012, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

Nearly a decade ago, the Dublin mission had to settle out of court with a woman named Mary Johnston who sued the church, saying that its practices had harmed her. To this day, the mission there is still paying off interest-free, foreign loans that it needed to pay that settlement, which was estimated at €2 million.

And today, with such reduced revenue, the balance on those loans has actually gone up: "The outstanding amount on the loans increased during 2010 from €370,304 to €376,383," Deegan writes.

But Griffiths tells me that money woes aren't the Dublin mission's only problem. At this point, he says, the church has hardly anyone left.

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