Why Lauren Southern Got Banned From Patreon - 2017-07-28

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F0.png Why Lauren Southern Got Banned From Patreon July 28, 2017, Graeme Gordon, Canadaland

The Patreon account of former Rebel Media personality Lauren Southern was banned late last week by the subscription-based crowdfunding website, following a lobbying campaign by the U.K.-based anti-extremism charity HOPE not hate.

"Yes, HOPE not hate lobbied Patreon directly, and they removed everyone connected to Defend Europe from their service," Hope not hate director of communications Nick Ryan told CANADALAND in an email.

A Patreon representative informed Southern by email last Thursday that her account was being banned because some of her actions were "likely to cause loss of life" but didn't elaborate further on any specific actions that prompted the ban.

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