Why Racists (and Liberals!) Keep Writing for Quillette - 2019-12-05

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F340.png Why Racists (and Liberals!) Keep Writing for Quillette December 5, 2019, Donna Minkowitz, The Nation

In 2017, a Portland State University lecturer, Alexander Reid Ross, coined the term "fascist creep" to refer to "the crossover space between right and left" through which, "at least in its early stages, fascists often utilize 'broad front' strategies…to gain access to mainstream political audiences." One fact progressives ignore at their peril is that fascism is opposed to the democratic capitalist state. Many fascists use the slogan "neither left nor right" because they want to convey a deep antagonism to the current political structure without actually supporting left-wing ideas like popular democracy or a society without hierarchies. Instead, fascism courts liberals by defying norms while defending what it considers the natural hierarchies under which we should be ruled. (Whites, men, and other "natural" elites should dominate all others). When it comes to class, Quillette endorses a disturbing premise of fascism: The "best" wind up with the most wealth and social power if they are not otherwise constrained.

Quillette is Reid Ross's fascist creep par excellence; it's fascism creeping so close to liberalism that the radical ethicist Peter Singer was willing to write a short statement for the magazine condemning a protest against a racist professor, and erstwhile liberal Steven Pinker praised it as "a gust of fresh air."

The constitutive ideology of Quillette comes out most clearly in the arena of race. At least five Quillette contributors—Kevin M. Beaver, Brian Boutwell, Adam Perkins, Jason Richwine, and John Paul Wright—have gone on white nationalist Stefan Molyneux's show to discuss their "research" on topics like race, intelligence, and "criminality." Richwine, who in the past wrote for white nationalist Richard Spencer's website alternativeright.com, agreed with Molyneux's assertion that there is a "hierarchy" of IQ extending from "Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians" on down in decreasing order to "the whites, and then the Hispanics, and then the blacks." Boutwell declared, "It's no secret…that there are differences that emerge across racial and ethnic groups for involvement in crime." Wright has written that African Americans have a deficit in "executive function," "self-control and IQ" that leads them to "commit more violent crime than any other group." Perkins, who claims welfare recipients have a genetically based capacity to be "aggressive, antisocial," and "unemployable," has also appeared on the white nationalist show Reality Calls, which had a celebratory feature called "This Week on the Alt-Right."

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