Why Tom Cruise Can't Quit Scientology - 2012-10-10

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F347.png Why Tom Cruise Can't Quit Scientology October 10, 2012, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

There's been some reporting in the tabloid press recently that Tom Cruise has been behaving a bit strangely while filming a new movie in London: he's been seen out late at night, and with people who aren't usually around him. He's seen little of his daughter Suri. He's been showing up places sometimes completely alone and without his usual tribe of handlers.

Based on that, plus some anonymous quotes from "insiders," the tabs have wondered if his recent divorce has caused Tom to split from Scientology, certainly a juicy notion, since the actor seemed to have placed his loyalty to church leader David Miscavige above all else, even his wife and child.

But is Tom really rejecting Miscavige and the church?

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