Why does Stephen Harper have Trump's back? - 2018-11-14

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F253.png Why does Stephen Harper have Trump's back? November 14, 2018, Stephen Maher, Macleans

I find it hard to follow Harper very far down this path. So far as I can tell, Sanders wants to reform American capitalism so that it more closely resembles its mildly socialistic neighbour to the north, where everyone has health care.

Harper is certain that the kind of social welfare policies that Canadians enjoy would bring ruin to the United States, but does not explain why.

And his critique of the elite failure that led to Brexit and the rise of Trump is similarly silent on inconvenient facts. He makes interesting observations about doctrinaire globalists who negotiated trade deals blindly, without sufficient regard to their national interest, and repeatedly warns that they were foolish to ignore the concerns of "those who shower after work, not just those who shower before it."

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