Why on Earth would Stephen Harper want to return to politics? - 2020-01-24

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F49.png Why on Earth would Stephen Harper want to return to politics? January 24, 2020, Matt Gurney, Opinion, National Post

There is one question that those who are madly speculating Stephen Harper may be about to mount some kind of return to political life have yet to satisfactorily answer. Do you get the sense that he particularly misses his life in the public eye? Is he so unhappy running his own consultancy back home in Calgary that he would decide to spend the next six months campaigning and then years waiting for the next election?

Does that sound like the Harper any of us spent 10 years getting to know?

A return to politics, specifically, to run the Conservative party he led to victory in three elections, would not improve his standard of living; if anything, politicians put up with a remarkable amount of personal sacrifice and aggravation for reasons hard to fathom for most of the population. He wouldn't earn any more money by leaving his current private-sector gig to return to political life, with a long guaranteed spell as opposition leader before he gets a crack at the top job again. He doesn't seem to lack for opportunity to travel the globe for meetings with well-connected officials or audiences interested in what he might have to say. And he'd have to start engaging in the personal-branding element of politics he was barely willing to tolerate during his first go-round.

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