Why we should care what Stephen Harper says - 2018-05-20

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F94.png Why we should care what Stephen Harper says May 20, 2018, Penny Collenette, Toronto Star

It was a surprise to see Stephen Harper's name streak through the news recently.

Why would anyone write about him? His party was defeated in 2015 and he subsequently retired. So why were Conservative pundits defensive about his recent activities? And why did the Liberal Party pounce on the situation with a cheeky fundraising email to their donors, entitled "Stephen Harper as leader?"

The imbroglio began last month when Harper, in his new capacity as chair of the International Democratic Union (IDU), penned a congratulatory letter to Viktor Orbán, the chair of Hungary's right wing Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Alliance. Orbán's Alliance is a member of the IDU, an international alliance of 80 centre-right political parties.

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