Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology IP addresses - 2009-05-29

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F0.png Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology IP addresses May 29, 2009, Brad A. Greenberg, Jewish Journal

Considering the online battle between Scientology and Anonymous et al, it's surprising that the neutrality of pages for Scientology and Church of Scientology are not disputed. But editors using Scientology IP addresses have apparently been abusing the crowd-sourcing encyclopedia, and, according to The Register, Wikipedia has banned all church-owned and -operated IPs.

According to evidence turned up by admins in this long-running Wikiland court case, multiple editors have been "openly editing [Scientology-related articles] from Church of Scientology equipment and apparently coordinating their activities." Leaning on the famed WikiScanner, countless news stories have discussed the editing of Scientology articles from Scientology IPs, and some site admins are concerned this is "damaging Wikipedia's reputation for neutrality."

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