With Anti-Muslim Campaign, Canada Has Its Trump Moment - 2015-10-16

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F37.png With Anti-Muslim Campaign, Canada Has Its Trump Moment October 16, 2015, Martin Patriquin, Opinion, New York Times

Yet over the last several weeks of an increasingly caustic election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada's ruling Conservative Party have managed to erase much of our trademark smugness.

Faced with a stalling economy and a corresponding dip in the polls, Mr. Harper had a stroke of luck. The Federal Court of Appeal dismissed his government's ban on the niqab — the face veil worn as part of the hijab by a small minority of Muslim women — from Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

Rather than accept the ruling, the Conservative government proclaimed its intention to appeal to the Supreme Court, and then took the issue to the hustings. During a recent campaign debate, Mr. Harper declared that he "will never tell my young daughter that a woman should cover her face because she is a woman" — as though his political opponents would do just that, given the chance.

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