Xemu's cruel response to overpopulated world - 1988-12-23

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F15.png Xemu's cruel response to overpopulated world December 23, 1988, Stephen Koff, St. Petersburg Times

Though such beliefs may seem far-fetched, Scientology documents show they are part of upper-level Scientology training known as OT III, short for Operating Thetan III. OT III is the third of 15 steps on Scientology's advanced ladder, climbed by believers after reaching the state of "clear." OT III training, which is supposed to remove the implants by revisiting the Xemu incident and breaking through the wall of fire, is offered in Clearwater at a cost of $6,500, according to a fall 1988 rate sheet.

Details of OT III are considered confidential. When church documents describing Xemu surfaced during a 1985 trial in Los Angeles, Scientology lawyers tried unsuccessfully to immediately seal them. Gerald Armstrong, a former Scientologist who discovered that many of Hubbard's credentials and claims were false, described in a court document why the group so closely guards Xemu.

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