Your brain on Scientology: 'I am the hurricane' - 2019-06-28

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F347.png Your brain on Scientology: 'I am the hurricane' June 28, 2019, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

One of the ways David Miscavige has put his own stamp on Scientology since he became its all-powerful leader after founder L. Ron Hubbard's death in 1986 has been a shift towards the introductory end of the "Bridge to Total Freedom."

Under Hubbard, Scientologists were encouraged to become auditors, and also to work their way up to the esoteric secrets of the upper auditing levels, the Operating Thetan or OT levels.

Scientologists today are still encouraged to go OT, but Miscavige has pounded them relentlessly with advertising fliers and mailers that they should all be putting themselves through three key beginner's courses: Student Hat, the Purification Rundown, and the Survival Rundown, or SRD.

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