"Anonymous" vs. Scientology: Group Targets "Church" Headquarters - 2008-03-20

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F3.png "Anonymous" vs. Scientology: Group Targets "Church" Headquarters March 20, 2008, David Ferrell, LA Weekly

Most were members or supporters of the secretive online phenomenon Anonymous, erstwhile pranksters once branded as "domestic terrorists" and an "Internet hate machine" by a television news program because of their disruption of Web sites and MySpace pages.

Since then, the geeks have found religion. Or, more precisely, Scientology, an organization they see as more secretive and dangerous than their own — and worthy of being brought down.

"The church has a policy called 'fair game,' where people who are against the church … can be lied to, tricked, sued and harmed in any way," says 22-year-old Gareth Cales, a.k.a. David Mudkip, an organizer. He defends members of Anonymous for their clandestine ways, saying Scientology's own widely documented harassment of critics makes Anonymous' tactics necessary.

"If they knew our identities, they would come after us," says a 20-year-old who goes by the online alias Kone, who drove from the San Luis Obispo area to protest in Hollywood on March 15. "Yesterday, one of our people, his cat was killed. He never lets his cats out — they're his whole life. The cat was missing. There was blood and vomit all over inside his house. He thinks they poisoned it."

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