"Identity-Scrubbing" Charities Bankroll Heartland's Climate Denial - 2020-03-23

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F0.png "Identity-Scrubbing" Charities Bankroll Heartland's Climate Denial March 23, 2020, Alex Kotch , PRWatch

Major charities are giving one of the most notorious climate change denial groups a boost as it works to combat climate science in the U.S and Europe, a Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) investigation has found.

The right-wing, Chicago area-based Heartland Institute is known for spreading disinformation about the climate and was even called out by 19 U.S. senators in 2016 for being part of "a web of denial." In a week-long string of floor speeches, the senators denounced Heartland and other groups for participating in a "concerted campaign waged by the Koch brothers, major fossil fuel companies, identity-scrubbing groups like DonorsTrust and Donors Capital, and their allies to manipulate the public's perception of the climate crisis and curtail legislative action to address it."

Recently, German investigative nonprofit Correctiv went undercover and exposed the ways that Heartland is attempting to undermine climate action in Europe, including doing paid climate denial PR for fossil fuel industry clients and hiring a 19-year-old German YouTube influencer to cast doubt on climate science.

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