'Global psychiatric obliteration': Scientology's ongoing war on psychiatry - 2021-07-02

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F347.png 'Global psychiatric obliteration': Scientology's ongoing war on psychiatry July 2, 2021, Chris Owen, Underground Bunker

Scientology continues to battle psychiatry to this day, but its 'war' has shifted focus and tactics since David Miscavige took over as its leader in the 1980s. In 1983, Miscavige abolished the discredited Guardian's Office and replaced it with the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), which fulfils many of the same functions. The Citizens' Commission on Human Rights, Scientology's anti-psychiatry front group that formerly sat under the Guardian's Office, was transferred to the control of OSA's 'social reform' section.

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OSA takes a somewhat different approach to targeting Scientology's enemies – relying on private investigators operating under a smokescreen of legal privilege, rather than Scientologist infiltrators – but it is still committed to the goal of eradicating psychiatry. The failure of the GO to do so did not deter Hubbard at all. He continued railing against it up to his death in 1986. In one memorable 1982 bulletin, he accused "psychologists, psychiatrists and other criminals" of having invented "PAIN and SEX."

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