'Going Clear' documentary unites voices against Scientology - 2015-03-12

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F372.png 'Going Clear' documentary unites voices against Scientology March 12, 2015, Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Mike Rinder had spent virtually all of his life in the Church of Scientology. From the age of 6 he was raised in the church, eventually rising to become its chief spokesman. Everyone he knew was a Scientologist, including his wife, his two children, his mother, his brother and his sister.

But after spending more than a year in a disciplinary facility known as "the hole," where Rinder says he and other Scientology executives were confined, an increasingly disillusioned Rinder left the church in 2007. It was while in that Los Angeles compound that Rinder, now 59, says he realized the church was "a road to hell" and that he had to get out, even if penniless and without his family.

"I literally walked away with a briefcase," says Rinder, who now lives what he calls "an entirely new life" in Florida with a new wife, a son and a step-son. "A briefcase with nothing in it, but a briefcase."

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