'Lord of the Universe' disciple exits Wikipedia - 2009-01-09

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F28.png 'Lord of the Universe' disciple exits Wikipedia January 9, 2009, Cade Metz, The Register

The latest Wikievidence against Fresco was posted after he attempted to intervene in a Wikicourt trial involving the Church of Scientology. According to site administrators, several pro-Scientology accounts have been editing the site using Scientology-owned computers.

One of these pro-Scientology editors - who once used the handle "COFS" - has admitted as much. And he vows to continue editing Scientology articles from Scientology computers. "I am not going to leave voluntarily and I will continue to use a) my own computer, b) public computers, c) my wireless laptop, d) computers in the Church of Scientology and any station I please," this editor wrote.

And so the human comedy continues.

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