'The Community': 5 Things We Know About Fringe Christian Sect - 2018-02-12

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F344.png 'The Community': 5 Things We Know About Fringe Christian Sect February 12, 2018, Elizabeth Yuko, Rolling Stone

Last week, several high-ranking editors and veteran reporters were fired from Newsweek, following a January 19th raid of their New York City office by the Manhattan District Attorney as part of an investigation into the publication's finances. The nearly 85-year-old magazine, as well as the International Business Times, are both owned by the Newsweek Media Group, which reportedly has connections to Olivet University – a small, evangelical Bible college in San Francisco – as well as a fringe Christian sect known as "The Community."

The extent of the relationship between the media organization, the university and The Community – or the ties to controversial Korean pastor David Jang, who is the founder of both the school and the sect – is not yet clear. (Newsweek Media Group and Jang did not respond to emails requesting comment; a representative for Olivet University tells Rolling Stone that their institution was founded by Jang "and is affiliated with a group of evangelical Christians. Like millions of other Evangelical Christians worldwide, Olivet is associated with and shares the beliefs of Evangelical Christians. Recent media reports which attempt to portray a business as a religious business due to the beliefs of their owners is a practice which is plainly discriminatory.")

Yet details continue to emerge on what, exactly, is involved with membership in this Christian group that has been described as having some of the characteristics of a cult. Here's what we know about The Community so far.

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