'Under His Wings': Leaked Emails Reveal an Anti-Trans 'Holy War' - 2023-03-21

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F0.png 'Under His Wings': Leaked Emails Reveal an Anti-Trans 'Holy War' March 21, 2023, Anya Zoledziowski, Vice News

"Under His wings," one lobbyist wrote in an email. "The Devil never sleeps," another person sent in an email chain about the distinction between gender and sex. "I pray for the 2nd coming more and more."

These missives are part of a trove of leaked emails between South Dakota GOP Rep. Fred Deutsch, anti-trans lobbyists, and other state lawmakers about anti-trans policies that are filled with language so deeply religious that, at times, the communications read like scripts from The Handmaid's Tale. It's the language, one expert told VICE News, of Christian nationalists who believe they're engaging in a holy war.

The emails, which are available online for journalists and others to read and were first reported on by Mother Jones, include revelations about some of the ways that anti-trans lobbyists—and elected Republicans like Deutsch and Idaho Rep. Julianne Young—collaborate and strategize to write and endorse policies that directly target trans people on a national scale.

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