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A Brief History of - 1997-09-01

F35.png A Brief History of September 1, 1997, Sabine Helmers, CMC Magazine

As well as threats from moralists who regard this Finnish remail service to be a dangerous source used to distribute smut, the Church of Scientology would like to pull the plug on this remailer and has called in lawyers to make the names of anonymous critics of Scientology known. In February 1995, the Church of Scientology called in Interpol and Finnish prosecutors in order to find out an144108's real identity. Pressurized by possible police measures which would have meant disclosing not one but all of the registered names in the database, the system's owner Johan "Julf" Helsingius revealed the identity of the person Scientology was looking for. Just one year later, on August 30th 1996, he announced his remailer would shut down.

"I will close the remailer for the time being because the legal issues concerning the Internet in Finland are yet undefined. The legal protection of the users needs to be clarified. At the moment the privacy of Internet messages is judicially unclear... I have also personally been a target because of the remailer. Unjustified accusations affect both my job and my private life."

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