A E van Vogt - 2000-02-01

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F345.png A E van Vogt February 1, 2000, Steve Holland, The Guardian

When, in 1948, The World Of Null-A was published in book form, it was the first SF magazine serial to appear in hardcover from a major publisher (earlier titles had appeared from specialist houses). In France, it was translated by surrealist Boris Vian and created a market for science fiction.

However, van Vogt's interest in disciplines that would focus latent talent led him to dianetics, the memory auditing system developed by fellow SF writer L Ron Hubbard, which became the cornerstone of scientology. Although not interested in the mystical/religious aspects of scientology, van Vogt maintained the Los Angeles Hubbard Dianetic Centre from 1950 until 1961, partly financing the gesture by gathering together and reworking earlier stories into novels.

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