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A Prisoner Of Scientology Los Angeles - 2008-03-12

F0.png A Prisoner Of Scientology Los Angeles March 12, 2008, John Duignan, Orato

"I left my Church because I was noticing the hypocrisies between what the Church tells the public versus what it actually does and then tries to hide. I did not wish to remain in a group that breaks up families and does not even trust its own staff to use their hard-earned vacation time and see their families. Living in fear and under threats is not spiritual to me," Ms. Lentsch states. "The administration of the Church of Scientology is an oppressive organization. This is the worst betrayal."

On February 25, Ms. Lentsch issued the Sea Organization an ultimatum: "Have my daughter at home in my living room within two weeks, or I will go to law enforcement and the media."

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