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A battle of beliefs waged in megabytes - 1994-08-03

F15.png A battle of beliefs waged in megabytes August 3, 1994, Wayne Garcia, Column One, St. Petersburg Times

Scientologists and their critics are colliding in cyberspace.

The critics started the fight, creating an electronic bulletin board dubbed alt.religion.scientology on the Internet, a worldwide web of computer networks with an audience pushing 25-million. Kurt Weiland, who heads Scientology's legal and public affairs branch, dismissed much of the Internet traffic as irrelevant and a waste of time. In the next breath, though, he acknowledged that "we asked our law firm to look into what was going on."

A private investigator working for Scientology posed as a journalist to quiz a computer user in Bloomington, Ind., who is believed to have started the anti-Scientology newsgroup.

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