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A case so different from all the others - 2000-06-14

F15.png A case so different from all the others June 14, 2000, Howard Troxler, St. Petersburg Times

The Church of Scientology now has two distinctions at the hands of Bernie McCabe.

The first is that he chose to prosecute the church (I mean, one of its corporations) in the first place.

The second distinction is that McCabe has dropped the case. There are not many former defendants walking around who get to say, "On second thought, Bernie McCabe let me go."

McCabe's office puts the blame for this turn of events on Medical Examiner Joan Wood. Wood changed her cause of McPherson's death from "undetermined" to "accidental" after the church provided her new evidence.

Not only did Wood change her mind, but according to the state, she was not especially convincing about when, how and why. McCabe's office says she would have been a lousy witness, and so the case was dropped.

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