A look back at the month when all hell broke loose for Scientology and Danny Masterson - 2017-12-23

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F347.png A look back at the month when all hell broke loose for Scientology and Danny Masterson December 23, 2017, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

We're looking back at 2017's most significant stories here at the Underground Bunker and today it's a flashback to the month of March in our annual Scientology year-in-review.

Without a doubt, March was our biggest month of the year for significant stories, and it started off with the year's biggest bombshell: We revealed that Scientologist and That '70s Show actor Danny Masterson was being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department on accusations of rape by three different women, who were each Scientologists at the time of their alleged attacks. We referred to them as Victim A, who had written a scathing letter of complaint to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Victim B, who was made to do past-life auditing by the church as a bizarre kind of punishment for alleging that Masterson had raped her, and Victim C, who we interviewed, and who told us about the violent attack she went through. Since then, Yashar Ali at the Huffington Post revealed that a fourth victim had also come forward and was part of the investigation. He also reported that the District Attorney's office had put the case on a "slow roll," which explains why nine months later, we're still waiting to see if charges are going to be filed. At this point, both Masterson and his accusers deserve an answer to that question, and we hope the DA's office can get its act together soon after the holidays.

The next day, we really shifted gears and decided that this whole Joy Villa situation was getting out of control. You have to understand, we've been keeping an eye on Joy since 2014, when her desperate antics in an attempt to be considered a Scientology "celebrity" of some sort — of any sort — were getting too obvious to ignore. We watched as she tried scheme after scheme to get noticed. There were a couple of Grammy awards appearances with barely-there dresses dreamed up by her maniac friend, Andre Soriano (like one made out of a snow fence), which just got her ridiculed for trying too hard. For a while, she tried to "train her waist" to be scarily small, and then she won an award at the Celebrity Centre for her vegan bodybuilding. This woman was just determined to be famous for something, even though she didn't actually seem to exhibit any talent of any note. But then, she wore Soriano's newest dress for the 2017 Grammy awards, and boy, did it get her attention. The "MAGA" dress was a huge hit among Donald Trump supporters who don't have a lot of entertainment figures to call their own. It didn't seem to matter that Joy had a record as a Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders supporter, and that it was pretty obvious that the dress was another cynical ploy for attention. Trump supporters bought up her record in huge numbers, and Joy began milking that attention for everything she could. When she went to a "Gays for Trump" rally in DC on March 4, we pointed out that she'd been listed in a recent Scientology publication as a major donor — a "Patron Meritorious," someone who has given at least $250,000 to the International Association of Scientologists. But it had little effect. What would it take to convince Trump supporters that they were being played? Oh, if we'd only known in March how far Joy was going to take things. She steadily worked her way into the Trump White House, and then in October received a pretty clear endorsement from the president for the notion of running for Congress...

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