A new chapter for one of the best Scientology books of all time? Yes, and we have it! - 2018-01-18

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F347.png A new chapter for one of the best Scientology books of all time? Yes, and we have it! January 18, 2018, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Jon Atack just let us know that he's putting out a fourth edition of his excellent book of Scientology history, Let's sell these people a piece of blue sky. And he's taking the opportunity to restore a missing chapter that was left out previously for legal reasons. He tells us that Kindle owners who had purchased the book should be able to update to the new edition for free, but he asked us to post the new chapter here at the Bunker for readers who own print copies of his book. We were happy to oblige. So here is the new chapter, "The Religious Technology Center and the International Finance Police."

The organizational restructuring of Scientology continued apace through 1982. On January 1, the Religious Technology Center (RTC) was incorporated. RTC took over the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. David Mayo's signature is on the incorporation papers, but he claims that the terms were altered after he signed. David Miscavige was another of the seven signatories. Through the control of the trademarks, RTC could control Scientology, withdrawing the right of any intransigent group to use such words as "Scientology" or "OT" in advertising, and suing if the group continued to use them. There were hundreds of registered trademarks, including the word "Happiness," the phrase "The friendliest place in the whole world," and tens of Dianetic and Scientology symbols. The new rulers were seeking to use laws relating to business to effect a total monopoly for their religion.

International Church management had been taken from the Flag Bureaux by the Commodore's Messengers Organization in 1979. The Guardian's Office had been defeated and absorbed by the CMO without bloodshed in 1981. Author Services Incorporated was waiting in the wings to license Hubbard's copyrights to Bridge Publications and New Era Publications, which had separated from the Church, at least on paper. The Church of Scientology International had come into being to assume the management of the Orgs. By 1982 Scientology in the UK was already registered as the Religious Education College Incorporated, with its headquarters in Australia. Continental offices each had their own incorporation. It was a hasty attempt to divide the sinking ship of the Church of Scientology of California into watertight compartments.

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