Actor Jason Beghe: Scientology Is 'Brainwashing' - 2008-04-16

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F70.png Actor Jason Beghe: Scientology Is 'Brainwashing' April 16, 2008, Roger Friedman, Fox News

He was so successful as a celebrity auditor, he says, that David Miscavige, the head of the sect, referred to him as "the poster boy for Scientology."

But now that Beghe and his wife have left the sect, the actor has concerns. They can be, he says, a vicious and vindictive group. When he asked for money back that he had banked for future study -- some $60,000 to $70,000 -- it was returned and he was banished.

"Once you ask for refund and repayment, that's what it's called, you're not allowed to take another course or speak to another Scientologist ever again," Beghe says.

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