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An Infamous Neo-Nazi Forum Just Got Doxxed - 2019-11-06

F0.png An Infamous Neo-Nazi Forum Just Got Doxxed November 6, 2019, Ben Makuch, Vice News

It's no secret that neo-Nazis freely post anonymously all over the internet, every single day. But a recent leak shows that white nationalists online can't always protect their identities.

The metadata of a now-defunct neo-Nazi message board that is considered the birthplace of several militant organizations—among them the U.S.-based terror group Atomwaffen Division—was dumped onto the internet by what appears to be anti-fascist activists.

The site, IronMarch, is widely associated with the rise of the new wave of white supremacist accelerationst groups advocating for armed insurgency against society. The site ran from 2011 to 2017 and garnered more than 150,000 posts while active. The dump of its inner workings includes the login names of its former members and their associated emails and IP addresses.

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