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Andrew Coyne v The National Post - 2015-10-20

F0.png Andrew Coyne v The National Post October 20, 2015, Jesse Brown, Canadaland

Postmedia newspapers have been running variations of the same Harper endorsement all day. But as the Edmonton Journal's Paula Simons publicly confirmed, pumping the Conservatives was management's call. Regardless of what Postmedia's reporters, columnists, editors (or readers) think, endorsements are a publisher's decision, and Posties know Paul Godfrey was always going to force a Harper endorsement from on high down to all papers, including the National Post.

But Postmedia's flagship paper has yet to pick their winner. The decision of its editorial board is expected imminently. The head of that board is Andrew Coyne.

As a masthead editor of a conservative newspaper, Coyne knows he must toe the company line. But Coyne is also his own brand with his own voice — an influential pundit and opinionator who endorsed the Liberals in 2011 (in Maclean's) and who then wrote a series of scathing anti-Harper columns.

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