Andrew Scheer's anti-racism speech rings hollow - 2019-06-03

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F0.png Andrew Scheer's anti-racism speech rings hollow June 3, 2019, Bill Kelly, Global News

Scheer's clear statement that he had no tolerance for intolerance and racism in his party was an attempt to quell those allegations.

Little did he know that his pronouncement would be tested, just days later, when Conservative MP Michael Cooper, a member of the Commons Justice Committee, berated a Muslim witness at the committee. Cooper said the witness should be ashamed to link some conservative commentators with the online history of convicted Quebec City mosque murderer Alexandre Bissonette.

Doubling down on his outrageous behaviour, Cooper read into the public record part of the manifesto of the New Zealand man accused in the Christchurch mass murder, at which point the howls of protest and outrage from the other committee members caused the meeting to be abruptly adjourned.

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