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Andrew Scheer needs to up his flaccid performance - 2019-06-13

F182.png Andrew Scheer needs to up his flaccid performance June 13, 2019, Robyn Urback, Opinion, CBC News

It was a poorly conceived plan, the only effect of which was to make Scheer look silly. The Conservatives ought to have known that you only go for the nuclear option if you can be reasonably certain of an explosion, or else you end up looking like Wile E. Coyote standing by an impotent pile of dynamite, holding a limp string.

Scheer has struggled to convey an image of, well, anything in the two years since he became leader of the Official Opposition. He is quite capable and confident in casual forums and in-depth policy discussions, but most Canadians don't spend their time tuning into CPAC specials to learn about the guy who was once Speaker of the House and … I don't know … has a lot of children?

As of writing, the Conservative Party leads by about five points in the polls, and while the SNC-Lavalin affair moved the dial on Trudeau's personal approval rating, it didn't do much for Scheer's. In fact, about a third of respondents to the latest Nanos poll are still unsure what to make of him (compared to around 12 per cent for Trudeau in 2015 at the same time of year, as surveyed by the same pollster), which is roughly in line with other polling over the last couple of months.

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