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Anti-Scientology drama a ratings hit for ARD - 2010-04-01

F117.png Anti-Scientology drama a ratings hit for ARD April 1, 2010, Scott Roxborough, AP, Hollywood Reporter

A German TV-movie about Scientology that claims to reveal the dark side of the organization was a huge ratings hit for public broadcaster ARD, with 8.7 million viewers tuning in Wednesday night, a 27% market share.

Germany has long been at odds with Scientology. Most here view the organization with suspicion. During the shooting of Brian Singer's war film "Valkyrie" in Berlin, famed Scientologist Tom Cruise was savaged in the German press for his beliefs.

The ARD film, "Till Faith Do Us Part" is a drama inspired by a real events. It focuses on a young couple in Hamburg. They both join Scientology. The husband becomes disenchanted as the group takes his money and brainwashes his wife. They separate and he begin a legal battle over the custody of their young child.

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