Anti-tax crusaders provide only half the picture - 2016-08-29

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F94.png Anti-tax crusaders provide only half the picture August 29, 2016, Editorial, Toronto Star

It's like Christmas for Canada's anti-tax crusaders. The Fraser Institute released its annual Canadian Consumer Tax Index last week, giving the gift of ammunition to those perennially convinced of government's greed and bloat.

So just how confiscatory has the state become, according to the think tank's latest offering? The tax bill for the average Canadian family has increased by 1,939 per cent since 1961, the report claims. In fact, we now pay more in taxes than we do for food, clothing and shelter combined. What a scandal!

Well, perhaps less a scandal when you consider that that eye-popping number doesn't account for inflation. Or that it deceptively includes corporate taxes, which are largely shouldered by richer Canadians. Or that, as a share of Canada's economy, taxes are now at a low rarely seen over the last three decades. Or that the portion of income going to taxes has increased by only 7 per cent since 1961 – a half-century over which we got the Canada Pension Plan and medicare, among other aspects of the social safety net that many see as central to our national identity.

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