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BROCK'S BANTER: Post-Mortem - 2015-10-28

F0.png BROCK'S BANTER: Post-Mortem October 28, 2015, Brock Weir, The Auroran

The interview took place over 72 hours since Canadians lowered the electoral boom on the Conservative government. In that time there had been no shortage of Conservative supporters, elected, defeated or otherwise, who had come out, knives drawn, in some cases looking for blood within their party, on just where the campaign ultimately took a nose dive. And many of their blades pointed straight to the top.

So, I thought it was safe to say Ms. Brown might have a few words on where she felt the campaign went wrong and some insight on the Federal campaign itself.

Writing this on the following Monday afternoon, I'm still not quite sure whether I was right or wrong.

"I honestly look at what the media did to eviscerate Stephen Harper and I think it is unconscionable," said Ms. Brown.

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