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Battlefield mind - 2010-09-13

F0.png Battlefield mind September 13, 2010, David Brill, Medical Observer

This "sacred trust to protect Scientology", he says, would likely explain the Church's recent unsuccessful attempt to access the emails of psychiatrists Professors Ian Hickie and Louise Newman under an FOI request.6,14

CCHR has also made several further FOI requests about the funding and research of psychiatrists, including Professor Hickie, under the guise of seeking transparency on conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.

Vicki Dunstan, president of Scientology in Australia, told MO the Church had sought the chain of six emails – now understood to also include Professor McGorry, an unidentified member of Senator Xenophon's office and David Crosbie, CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia – to correct misleading information about itself, and empathically rejected Professor Hickie's claim of harassment.

But Mr Schofield believes it is an example of Scientology's "fair game" policies – whereby anything goes when responding to the Church's critics.15

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