Bernier's 'red pill' message triggers Twitter brawl - 2017-03-07

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F0.png Bernier's 'red pill' message triggers Twitter brawl March 7, 2017, Janice Dickson, iPolitics

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier defended himself against accusations of misogyny late Monday night after posting a sci-fi-themed meme on Twitter which asks,"Will you choose the red pill?"

The "red pill" meme — a reference to a scene in the film The Matrix in which the protagonist learns he's living in a simulation — has been exploited by alt-right sites and so-called 'men's rights' activists, many of whom express noxious views about women online. The documentary The Red Pill follows a filmmaker's experiences discovering the "polarizing Men's Rights Movement."

Bernier's meme sparked immediate criticism online. Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt tweeted, "Max – wth? Please tell me your team knows that this is more than a Matrix reference?"

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