Blog: "Beyond The Pale Of What A Human Being Should Endure" - 2012-02-02

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F0.png "Beyond The Pale Of What A Human Being Should Endure" February 2, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

That is how Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten's attorney characterizes what Debbie was put through by Scientology Inc.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice published the first interview with the Baumgarten's San Antonio litigation attorney Ray Jeffrey. As I think you will see from the article, Ray has the right attitude going into what may be the biggest legal war of his long career.

Ray has bent over backward to stretch his firm's pricing standards to make his quality, aggressive representation available to Debbie and Wayne. And while their defense will likely continue to cost 1/2oth of what Miscavige's Death Star is pouring into this unprecedented assault on constitutional and human rights, Debbie and Wayne are going to need a huge support base to wage this battle with the beast toe to toe.