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Blog: "Justice 4 Mom" Advertising on Jezebel - 2020-04-26

F376.png "Justice 4 Mom" Advertising on Jezebel April 26, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I tend to check on my daughter "Taryn's" website occasionally and people send me things of note. Of course, it is her name and image that are being used, it is not "her" website. And there is no proof clearer than the fact they are now paying to advertise on this site. On her Sea Org pay she couldn't afford to buy posterboard to make a sign to hold up on Hollywood Blvd, let alone pay for advertising on a popular web page.

Jezebel is a female oriented site that used to be part of the Gawker stable (Gawker was NOT friendly to scientology — they posted the infamous Tom Cruise IAS Freedom Medal video). But I suspect they assume the female skewed audience will be more inclined to buy into the message.

I wonder if anyone at Jezebel has a clue what they are supporting? A scam trying to jump on the "#MeToo" bandwagon with a campaign to "cost me my job" based on readily provable falsehoods that grow more outrageous with every telling.