Blog: "My Name is Ulf and I've Had Enough" - 2012-02-05

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F0.png "My Name is Ulf and I've Had Enough" February 5, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Many people have asked me since 1 January what they can do to help get Debbie's New Year's Eve email message disseminated. I have answered a) do all you can to further the original email on "in-good-standing-folks' lines", then later b) contribute to her defense. Step "a" as a front has dried up considerably after a month of "dead agenting" by Scientology Inc. To "dead agent" someone means in Scientology parlance "discredit" her. Scientology Inc has scrambled for more than a month now to accomplish that by telling their public that Debbie is declared suppressive and is in league with the forces of evil, and by providing them with a "dead agent" pack to counter the substance of Debbie's email.

One very bright recipient of that 'dead agent' pack did not shudder into fear, silence and feigned agreement. Instead, he turned it right back around and communicated directly to Flag Service Org's chief sheeple herder, External Security Chief OSA Flag, Kathy True. Ulf Olaffsen addressed each and every section of the "Debbie Cook Dead Agent Pack" and wound up producing the definitive "dead agenting of the attempted dead agenting".

Ulf Olofsson got into Scientology in 1989 in Sweden but moved to the US