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Blog: "Recovering" People: Scientology's Desperation - 2019-02-05

F376.png "Recovering" People: Scientology's Desperation February 5, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Things are becoming more desperate inside the scientology bubble. There are signs everywhere.

There are so many people "off the Bridge" that they have to hold seminars to help train people to get them back... in the "good old days" there were more new people coming in than blew off so those who decided the tech didn't work were pretty much ignored. Focus was on getting those who bought into the "Bridge" to keep moving up.

Nowdays they make a big show of reaching new people with soft sell SuperBowl ads and scientologyTV but these are really just to show the whales something is being done with their money. They are highly ineffective. Scientology is in a steep decline phase. Public opinion is uniformly negative. Google is like th3 Black Plague for scientology. So they are increasingly focused on trying to get back those who once came in the door. They are an easier sell than brand new people. They spend huge sums tracking addresses for former book buyers and people who came into orgs. The new fad is to focus on "bridge recovery."