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Blog: "We're The Jive Aces and We're All Scientologists" - 2017-12-04

F376.png "We're The Jive Aces and We're All Scientologists" December 4, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A bit of history to introduce another of the methods Hubbard used to try to gain acceptance and win friends and influence people.

In 1974 when the Apollo was experiencing continuous problems maintaining "safe ports" (in fact, in the previous year Hubbard had fled the Apollo when things got too hot in Morocco and moved to Queens NY using a fake name until he deemed it "safe" to return to the ship — now plying Atlantic Portuguese and Spanish ports) he hit on a "bright idea" to gain "acceptance" for the Apollo.

He pulled together musicians (and then dancers) and formed two musical groups — the Apollo Stars and The Troubadors. The latter were "second billing" and primarily served the purpose of a backup band for flamenco dancer Paco Suarez.