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Blog: (VIDEO) Critical Q&A 24 - 2015-09-27

F0.png (VIDEO) Critical Q&A #24 September 27, 2015, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The weekly show where I answer questions from viewers left in the comments section of my Q&A videos or sent to me by email at This week, the questions I answer are:

(1) Hi Chris! First, just letting you know that your videos are awesome! Second, I had a question with regards to how Scientology operates in different countries, specifically in the UK. I live in the UK and have not encountered Scientology, but wondered if one would notice a difference going to a Church of Scientology based in the U.S. and as opposed to a Church of Scientology based in the UK? I appreciate that you may not know unless you've been to a UK based Church? Thanks.

(2) Seeing as Scientologists seem convinced Hubbard will "return," evidenced by the home awaiting him at their base in California and offices prepared for him at all orgs; what do you think would happen if someone showed up claiming to be Hubbard reincarnated?