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Blog: (VIDEO) Critical Q&A 5 - 2015-04-20

F0.png (VIDEO) Critical Q&A #5 April 20, 2015, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The fifth installment of my question-and-answer video show, where I take up questions subscribers and commenters have asked me in my videos and answer them as best I can. Questions in this video:

(1) What an excellent video - I would urge anyone still in to watch it - there can be no harm in listening to someone who has actually been a Scientologist for many years give his perspective on the church. What I always find hard to understand is how any Scientologist can accept being told not to watch, listen or read things that may challenge Scientology doctrine. Surely this is all part of gaining personal freedom, which is what Scientology is supposed to be about. How does any Scientologist reconcile that, as a member? I ask because when I did the Dianetics course, I got downgraded for thinking for myself. I was told only to write what it said in the book. I instantly stopped doing any more courses because I realized that I was therefore not going to be allowed to be self-determined, and I saw this as hypocrisy because I was told Scientology was all about making you more self determined.

(2) Aaaand I thought of another question/issue - non CO$-related - that I'd love to hear you tackle. In the pagan/Earth-centered traditions, there's been some influx of some truly stupid, mentally damaging ideas lately, such as the "Law of Attraction" (where everything - good or bad - that happens to you is due to the "vibrations" of your thoughts) and the even more sickening conceit that we choose our parents in some "between life" station - which is a direct slap in the face to anybody born into adverse circumstances. Care to tackle the wooly thinking of the New Age Sheeple? my simple, tree-hugging religion is going down the toilet due to these infectious ideas...