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Blog: (VIDEO) Scientology: And Justice for All - 2015-02-15

F0.png (VIDEO) Scientology: And Justice for All February 15, 2015, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

According to all reports and reviews, Alex Gibney's new HBO-produced documentary about Scientology, called Going Clear, looks like it is everything we hoped in terms of telling the real abuses that Scientology has been perpetrating for many decades.

When you have eight different people who were involved with Scientology over the course of many different years, even decades, all describing horrific situations they were forced to endure, you cannot just brush that off. Their stories are gripping and their sincerity undeniable.

Despite Scientology delusional attempts at PR containment, their efforts are in vain because they do not understand how things work in the real world. I thought I'd seen everything in terms of the kind of footbullets that Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (their PR division) seems to specialize in firing, but I almost fell out of my chair when I read articles from film critics and bloggers describing how they had been emailed by the Church demanding that they publish the Church's "response" to their film critiques so that they would be fair and balanced. I don't think you need any further proof of how far out of touch with the real world Scientology actually is than this.