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Blog: (VIDEO) The Scientology Experience: Shane Weightman (Part 4) - 2016-02-16

F0.png (VIDEO) The Scientology Experience: Shane Weightman (Part 4) February 16, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

This is the fourth part of my interview with former Scientologist Shane Weightman.

In our earlier videos, we learned about Shane's experience growing up in the Scientology world and then getting recruited to staff at the Church of Scientology of London, one of their "Ideal Orgs" which are supposed to embody the very best of Scientology. Shane described how Scientology management creates a PR facade, trying to make itself look like the fastest growing religion in the world when in fact its beautiful buildings stand empty almost all day and night.

Why is Scientology's membership actually shrinking at an alarming rate and why is it that no one wants to become part of this self-styled religious movement to save the world?