Blog: 13 The Story So Far... - 2009-03-29

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F0.png 13 The Story So Far... March 29, 2009, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

Increasing numbers of once highly placed Scientologists are speaking publicly against the movement: and their accounts corroborate the claims of previous defectors.

By his own admission, Andre Tabayoyon was well versed in the more abusive aspects of Scientology management. In a detailed 1994 affidavit, Tabayoyon listed the techniques he had learned to apply to his fellow Scientologists. One in particular stands out.

"TOO GRUESOME TRAINING," wrote Tabayoyon. "This training teaches a supervisor how to instil complete terror and abject fear in subordinates so that the subordinates will comply with the supervisor's orders without question."