Blog: 14 The Suppressive, Brard - 2009-08-02

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F0.png 14 The Suppressive, Brard August 2, 2009, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

Day Six, June 8: Veteran politician Jean-Pierre Brard sketched a damning profile of Scientology in a presentation that ranged from its financial structure to theories of mind control.

Jean-Pierre Brard, a deputy in France's National Assembly, opened the third week of the trial. An experienced speaker, unlike most of those who had appeared before the court, he needed little prompting from the judge to set out his views.

Brard had been called as a witness for the plaintiffs because as a deputy he had served on three parliamentary inquiries into cults - the first of them back in1995. Over the years, he had earned a reputation as one of the most vocal critics of such groups in France.