Blog: 34 Defending the Salesman - 2009-10-22

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F0.png 34 Defending the Salesman October 22, 2009, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

June 16: The Scientologist and salesman accused of fraud has been tried in an atmosphere tainted by media hysteria and soured by a prosecution summing up that smacks of the Inquisition, his lawyer argued.

Didier Michaux, the Scientology bookshop's star salesman, faced a charge of organised fraud for his part in the alleged offences.

His lawyer, Maître Alexis Gublin, constructed a defence that was similar in many ways to Maître Virginie Benmayor's defence of fellow salesman Jean-François Valli, arguing that his client, a sincere Scientologist, had at all times acted in good faith.