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Blog: 5 Harsh Lessons Scientology Can Teach Us - 2017-01-12

F0.png 5 Harsh Lessons Scientology Can Teach Us January 12, 2017, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Regardless of how Scientology started, what it has become at the present is a total con job which promises potential converts a toolkit to solve the problems of their life and eventually a path to spiritual enlightenment and understanding. I say "con job" because over the past few years, it's become more and more obvious to the world at large that Scientology is not everything it claims to be and it cannot fulfill any of the lofty promises it makes.

What's even worse is that once someone joins its ranks, it is very hard to get out. For some who have broken away, they've found only pain and tragedy because Scientology has enforced its policy of disconnection on their friends and family, taking away their most precious loved ones simply because they exercised their right to think and act for themselves. Let's not even talk about the really nasty stuff, when Scientology tries to publicly smear you and starts stalking and harassing you if you speak out against it.

With all the exposure in documentaries, the media and on channels such as this, we have certainly learned that Scientology is something to stay the hell away from. But have we learned anything else? Are there any other lessons we can take away from this which apply to the big wide world? You bet there are. Because the methods that Scientology uses to manipulate new recruits and existing members are not unique to Scientology. Not by a long way. And if we recognize that, we can learn to watch for some of them in other places and not get drawn into situations we don't want to be in. Here are five harsh lessons I think we could all learn from Scientology: